Ang Moh and friend attack Star Blogger Michelle Quek and friend

I was browsing thru one of the forum and happen to see tis article… shocked to believe… tis is one of singaporean style brave act… so must blog it… why is tis happening?

saw a few comments on this incident… i must say should give a thumbs up for those uncles who stand out and stopped him. Personally i felt tat no matter wat happen, using violent is not the only way to solve problems or conflicts…. 

i also saw comments saying tat the uncles are kaypoh… shouldnt have done tat… disgrace singaporeans? imagine if the victims who are beaten is ur daughters or sons? how would u feel then?

We should be glad tat there is still kind hearted singaporeans around… better than those so call “educated ppl”, they will only know how to stand at the side watching drama… alot of comments from them but no action taken…

education teaches them to be heartless!

                                                       *     *     *     *     *

I remember i experience something like tat about 6yrs ago… i was going JB with two of my gal frens… we walked into the causeway checkpoint ourselves at one of the saturday…

we were queuing at the checkpoint… the queue was long and we waited very long… then suddenly there is tis indian kid cut our queue… my gal frens and i din really mind as he is just a kid… so we carried on with our conversation…

few minutes later, the kid’s mother joined into the queue in front of us… my gal frens exchange eye contact but we remain silent…

when the queue started to move… the husband joined in too… the moment i see the whole family in front of us… i  blasted out…

Me : Excuse me! the queue is behind…

Husband : We queue here first! *stared fiercely*

Me : No! ur kid cut our queue then follow by ur wife! then u joined in! *pissed*

Husband : We queue here first! Which eye did u see me cut queue? *shouted*

Me : I see with my both eyes! Ur kid came in first then follow by ur wife and u! *Screaming*

By this time, the husband is provoked by me… he lifted his fist and wanted to beat me. When i saw him lift his fist… i felt so angry and shouted…

Me: Wah! want to beat me ah! u dare to beat me! *my finger pointing my cheek* u thought wat! this is still singapore leh! I make sure all of them be my witness! *furious*

After he heard me, his wife pulled him back and he put down his fist… and walk off…

After that then i realised how impulsive i was and i am glad tat he din punch me on my face! tat time still young mah… i was around 22yrs old during then… so dun know wats is “Death” 

                                                   *          *          *          *          *

Article extracted from


Ang moh and friend attack Star Blogger Michelle and friend

Star Blogger Michelle Quek said an ang moh and his friend attacked her and her friend after her school bag accidentally hit the woman. In an email to STOMP this morning (16 Nov), she said this happened at about 1pm yesterday in Toa Payoh Hub.She said it all started when her schoolbag accidentally hit the woman as she was walking. She believes the woman is the ang moh’s girlfriend and could be Singaporean as she also spoke in Hokkien.“After bumping into her, she started throwing vulgarities at me,” Michelle said. “At first I thought she’s some crazy woman who goes around shouting at people, so I ignored her.“A few minutes later, she attacked me from the back! She hit my back with her umbrella but thank god she missed! Instead of my back, she got my schoolbag!

“I turned and asked her what her problem was. She was shouting, telling the whole world that I bumped into her. She tried to flee after everyone said that she’s the one at fault by hitting my back.”
Michelle said the woman went into NTUC supermarket, where they had a heated exchange words. This is Michelle’s account:

She: Back off! I’m calling the 911!
Me: Hello, this is Singapore, you do not call 911 here, you call 999!.
She: Back off, I’m calling 911 now.
She: I’m gonna call the 911 now.
Me: It’s 999.
She: Fine. I’ll call 911 now.
Me: Go ahead. I’ll wait for you, please go ahead and call the police.
She: Why must I call the police? You call lah.
Me: Cos I thot you said you wanna call 911?
She: I don’t have a phone, you call.
Me: This is Singapore, you do not go around hitting people with your umbrella then call 911, and I’m sure you can’t do the same even if you are in America.

Michelle said a security officer stepped in and asked them to leave the supermarket.

“She refused and said ‘No, I’m not leaving. I scared she’ll beat me up’. Like hello, she’s the one who attacked me first,” Michelle said.
Michelle said a few minutes later, the woman dashed out of the supermarket. She followed her with her friends, wanting her to explain why she hit her on the back.

She said about 10 steps from the exit, the ang moh attacked them.

“He grabbed both my friend’s arms from the back, then lifted her up off the floor and threw her hard onto the floor!

“And that caused her arms to bleed! And before I could even react, I saw his fist flying towards my face!

“I moved back a little but I still got punched slightly in the nose and I managed to block the other two punches from him with both my arms.

“Next, he kicked my right leg and he attempted to run. Just when he was about to run, my friend tripped him and he fell straight onto the floor.

“He quickly picked himself up, and he ran towards a watch shop where all the helpful passers-by blocked him,” she said.
Michelle sent a video of what happened when the passers-by stepped in.

“A few helpful uncles came to help us because they saw the whole incident. Then, the girlfriend appeared out of nowhere. She accused us of hitting her first. We didn’t even lay a finger on her! Needless to say, hit.
“She was cooking up crap trying to gain sympathy from the crowd. Fortunately none of them listened to her,” she said.
“It all happened in a flash, so I couldn’t video the part whereby he attacked us. And that ang moh was like 6 feet tall! Pick on someone his size!” Michelle said. 

“And if they are not guilty, then why are they escaping? The woman is super aggressive!

“What is this world coming to? We got hit cos we’re students? Students aren’t nice to bully!”

Michelle said she and a friend called the police, who arrived and broke up the two sides. They later made a police report at Toa Payoh station.

The photos below show the scratch marks on her friend’s arms and the bag that the STOMPer was carrying when she bumped into the woman.

STOMP contacted the Police, which said it received a call at about 1.15pm about a dispute  between “two groups of people”.

“Police are investigating,” a spokesman said.



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2 responses to “Ang Moh and friend attack Star Blogger Michelle Quek and friend

  1. learntoswim

    Wow, hot stuff, should throw angmoh in jail till he is not ang any moh.

  2. Mag

    hahaha… now he is very ang lor… so popular now…
    must really throw him into the jail…

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