2007 coming to an end…

It seems tat most of my frens have laid out their 2008 resolutions… and i have not done anything yet… its time for me to do some reflection…

in general… as long as my family… frens and ppl ard me is healthy and good… i am contented…

as for my work… i am hoping for miracles… either change my two bosses or give me a better job opportunities…

as for my studies… need to put in more effort… have been neglecting my studies during tis holiday period… must extra buck up when the new year begins…

as for my health… health hasnt been good since last year… must cut down on liquor intake… eat healthy food… sleep early… stay healthy…

as for my love life… heaven is playing tricks on me… din realise tat the person i am looking for is actually with me all these while… overlook such a kind person… is it too late for me to realise these?


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One response to “2007 coming to an end…

  1. learntoswim

    Do not worry about your resolution, just go with the flow. Next year is a good year for those born in Feb and Nov..

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