n 55!W !

time flies fast… its my fourth week @ work… everything goes smooth and i am happy @ work…

learning new things and interact with different ppl everyday…

NO MORE BACK LOGS like my previous workplace used to have… NO MORE CLEARING of SHITS like my previous workplace used to be…

I’m loving my work now… everyday different experience… deal with different ppl…

the feeling of clearing my work on hand is damn good… i dont have to worry whether my work piles or stack up… or even roll into snowballs…

and most importantly work allow me to shift my focus away from you…

i thought of you today… i cant deny tat i still think of you… but it only last a few minutes…

life still goes on… life without you/me will be much better…


something strike me this morning… when i was dressing up to work today… “the perfume” reminds me of a wonderful guyfren of mine… he is always there to support/advice me…  i really hope that he will find his real happiness soon… may god bless him…

lets jiayou..!!  : )



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2 responses to “n 55!W !

  1. scouty

    Good to know you are enjoying your work. That’s the way it should be, enjoying what we do.
    As for friends, that’s always part and parcel of life. Good friends and bad friends are everywhere…. So drop the bad ones and treasure the good ones. No point getting mad over those bad friends.
    Haa… Hope that guy fren of yours will find his happiness soon eh… but I think at this point he is undergoing some happening time.

  2. nosecret

    ya… waiting to hear good news from tat him soon…

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