Third Day @ Seoul

It’s my third day in Seoul and everything still seems so unreal… especially to someone like me… a full-time kpop and kdrama addict… I nearly teared when I was listening to my kpop collection in my mp3 while i was waiting outside changdeokgung… *felt so close and yet so far*

Yesterday was totally wiped out… we visited changdeokgung palace in the morning… and Myeongdong in the noon…

Myeongdong is such a killer… shop till my legs nearly dropped… we only managed to conquer one street… could not imagine how big is myeongdong in real…

Totally knocked out on the third day… rested one full day in my hotel… got a hair cut and dye in my hotel salon…

even though it’s almost the same price in Singapore… but their service is totally worth your money… the shampoo chair and staff service is excellent… I really loved how the Koreans can do wonders in regards to “beauty”…

What surprise me was that I met lots of china people working in Korea… I really have to admit that china has conquered every part of the world, same as indians… they are almost everywhere in the world… *unbelievable*







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