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Share my Jokes

wanted to share a few jokes i heard recently…

Joke 1 – Part 1

There is this family of 5 including a dog… the whole family are very lazy… they dun like to do house work… so one day father arrowed mother to mop the floor while mother arrowed elder daughter to mop the floor…

the elder daughter then arrowed youngest sister to mop the floor… as for the sister who is the youngest in the family… she has on one to arrowed to… so she told the dog to mop the floor instead and walked off… so in the end the dog mopped the floor…

so the curious neighbour asked the dog why did he has to mop the floor? the dog replied the neighbour “bcos the family all very lazy and no one is doing this so ended up i have to mop the floor lor… but dun tell anyone tat i told u these if not they will ask me to answer calls…

Joke 1 – Part 2

When i was bathing jus now… my house phone rang a few times while i am in the bathroom… so happen my family is out…  so when i came out from the bathroom… i tell my dog angily… “bebe!! u dun know how to answer the phone ah… the phone just kept ringing… tell them tat no one is at home la…”  after scolding my poor dog… he jus sat at the sofa helplessly looking at me… still trying to figure out wat’s happening…

Joke 2

I was listening to 933 one morning… when the male DJ mentioned about the new advertisement for the mega big mac…

the DJs will joking about the mega big mac… the male DJ was saying tat the normal size big mac already very filling liao… and macdonald still come out with mega big mac… who the hell will eat such a big burger? so the female DJ asked the male DJ what will he do if he sees a gal eating mega big mac…

the male DJ replied tat he will give her the respect for finishing such a big burger… but in underneath my heart… i will be very scared of her…

*     *     *     *     *

After watching Madagascar 2 – Escape 2 Africa during our company event… got obessed by the characters… i started to named my collegues with the characters in Madagascar…and make fun of them…

King Julian and Maurice, Skipper and gang, Alex, Marty, Melman, Gloria and Moto Moto, the chimps…

I loved the song  “you gotta move it move it…”  it was played in attica on friday… *cute*


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Poor Dog Locked in Small Cage

A Dog Lover went to have dinner at Chong Pang Nasi Lemak with his friends yesterday (9 Mar) when he came across this dog in a small cage that was bolted to the wall.

The 38-year-old sales assistant sent in this email and wrote:

“We felt so sorry for the dog as it was barking nonstop and could not move much inside that small cage.

“The cage was not sheltered, so the dog was exposed to rain and shine.

“My friend contacted the SPCA and we hope something will be done about it.”


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Dogs poisoned to a slow and cruel death

Was browsing thru STOMP… saw this headline…which caught my attention…

it is time we speak up for animals, which should protected and loved, just like us.

a STOMPer sent tis photos from an SPCA ad about two dogs, Shiloh and Shelly, which were found dead on Feb 13 near the forest in front of Block 118 Clementi Street 13.

According to the ad, the body of the third dog , Blackie, cannot be found. All the dogs were suspected to be have been poisoned between Feb 11 and Feb 11.

It says that only one dog, Rajah, survived the ordeal. The town council and the AVA has agreed to let SPCA volunteers catch and rehome Rajah.

Please contact 90090731 if you would like to support this cause or help Rajah in any way.

The SPCA urges anyone with information regarding the two dead dogs to call them at 687 5355.


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Dead Husky dumped on grass patch.

As i was browsing thru Stomp for the “Ang Moh and friend attack Star Blogger Michelle Quek and friend” then accidentially saw tis article which caught my attention…it was a pic of a dead husky found on grass patch… sad to say… there is a lot of pet owners out there… really got no sympathy and heartless…Pets are not just a past time or toy… they also got feelings and need lots of attention and concern… if you dun have time for the pet then dun get a pet… having a pet is not jus for fun… u need to take responsibility to take good care of them… sad to see more and more pets being abandon…

*     *     *     *     *

Article extracted from


Dead husky dumped on grass patch. Where were its owners?

The body of this poor husky was discovered on a grass patch next to a canal in

Joo Seng, and a big question came to a STOMPer’s mind: Where were its owners?

Said Dennis, in his email to STOMP:

“We spotted a dead husky beside Block 5, Joo Seng Road.

“I called the SPCA but they referred me to the NEA to say they will send a contractor to clean it up.

“As a husky owner myself, I’m really concerned as to the cause of the husky’s death.

“Where were the owners?

“Could the dog have been abused and just dumped aside like that?

“Nowadays, with more and more cases of animal abuse, it is indeed worrying.”

The SPCA emailed STOMP with this response:

“As much as we would want to be there for every possible animal-related cases, it is, sadly, impossible with the limitations we have. From 11pm till seven the next morning daily, we have one Animal Handling Officer to go for calls of which the animals are very young, in distress or injured.

“From the conversation (over the phone) we had with Dennis that night, it could not be established that the death of the husky was suspect.“Therefore, we suggested that he call the National Environment Agency (NEA). This is our standard operating procedure so as to relieve our staff for other animal rescue efforts going on at the same time.“However, if the caller suspects that the animal may have been abused before it died, we will be there to pick up the carcass as soon as we can so that a post mortem can be carried out.“It is sad, truly, for such a beautiful animal to die without knowing the exact circumstances.“We would like to take this opportunity to remind dog owners to be responsible for their dogs and care for their well-being.Deirdre Moss (Ms)
Executive Officer”The NEA also responded with this statement:
“We are pleased to inform you that the carcass has been removed by the Marine Parade Town Council’s contractor this morning (9 Nov), following feedback from the public.”


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