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Tips for containing spread of swine flu

A swine flu outbreak appears to have killed dozens in Mexico and more cases are showing up in the United States and around the world.

Health officials are recommending several steps to prevent the spread of the virus:

If you have flu symptoms, stay home from work or school to avoid spreading the disease. Do not return until two days after your symptoms are gone.

Wash your hands often and cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze.

Go to the hospital if you have severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing;  but if your symptoms are mild, stay home to avoid spreading the virus to others at the hospital.

Masks may be recommended for health care workers, family members and others who come in close contact with swine flu patients, but there is no need for the general public to wear masks.

It is safe to eat properly handled pork. Cook it to at least 160F.

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被稱為干物女 因為對於愛情的不積極
每天下班趕著回家 同事們都猜她是趕著男朋友的約會
不去參加聯誼 卻是回家穿著破破爛爛的體育服 踢掉高跟鞋及彩妝
拉里拉塌 完全不修邊幅 XD
只是 「干物女」並不是放棄戀愛阿 只是比起去製造戀愛機會 不如給自己更多的時間
比起辛苦工作完 還要去聯誼喝酒 不如回家 滾來滾去的喝啤酒

如果已經花了最大的精力在工作上 比起大玩聯誼遊戲
不如讓自己好好的休息 沒有戀愛不會死
但是也不抗拒戀愛 有好感的男生 一起去吃飯 邀或是被邀都可以
只是少了 自己製造戀愛機會的動力
但是我賺錢養自己 只要外出 也不會讓自己過於邋遢
這樣的我 即使被叫成干物女 有什麼不好阿
努力的談戀愛 努力的工作 努力得把自己嫁入好人家 這樣的生活也很好
最重要是認同自己 知道自己想要的就好

*     *     *     *     *



「干物女」一詞源自於一部日本漫 畫「螢之光」,女主角每天都打扮的光鮮亮麗上班,可是下班回到家後卻完全不修邊幅,只想一個人舒服地過生活就好,家中更亂得像垃圾場一樣。根據1111人 力銀行調查,沒有感情生活的女性上班族中,6成6自認為是干物女,而其中5成2甘之如飴。1111人力銀行營運長吳睿穎指出,干物女的成因,主要是「怕麻 煩、喜好待在家、愛好自由」,是忙碌工商社會下的產物,許多上班族在公司必須全神貫注,維持最美的一面,放假自然想無拘無束,尤其不急著找另一半,更缺乏 裝扮自己的動力。吳睿穎:『所謂的干物女就是私下生活不拘小節,遠離戀愛,凡事都說「這樣做最輕鬆」的年輕女子,不跟社會競爭競爭、不交際、不運動、不戀 愛…,愛自己勝過愛其他事物。』


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Cat serial killer on the loose

These are heartrending pictures indeed, as a STOMPer sent in these images of poor cats and kittens meeting an unfortunate and tragic end as they fell prey to a cat serial killer at Pasir Ris Park and Bukit Batok.

The most horrifying fact remains– that the culprit is still on out, on the loose, ready to strike at these hapless and helpless felines.

And the STOMPer who sent this alert asks a fundamental, humane question — just why are some people so cruel as to do this bestial act?

Says violentsuicidal xx , in an email to STOMP:

“The picture below shows the deaths of three cats found at Pasir Ris Town Park, within 50m of each other on 12 th May 2008, Monday.

“A fourth cat was found a distance away in the open field near Blk 536, Pasir Ris Dr. 1 with a fractured jaw.

“The picture below shows the killing of two cats and with serious injury to a third (which was euthanased due to extreme distress and possible brain damage) found near the bin centre at Blk 253 Pasir Ris St. 21 on Friday night, 2nd May 2008.

“This picture below shows the tragic death of a kitten found in front of a rubbish chute in Blk 211 Bukit Batok St. 21 on Sunday morning, 4th May 2008.

“The last picture (main) shows the tragic death of a kitten found behind Blk 403, Fajar Road (Bukit Panjang) on Sunday, 9th March 2008.

“The SPCA is willing to offer as much as $6, 000 for witnesses who witnessed the incidents of the dead cats. ”

The contributor ended off the email sent with a heartfelt plea:

“Stop animal abuse. Care for the animals instead.”

The SPCA says these pictures were taken from its website, and thanks the STOMPer for alerting the public this way.

In an email to STOMP, its Executive Officer, Deirdre Moss, says:

“The Stomper has posted these pictures from our website which we are grateful to them for taking the initiative in creating awareness for these cases, which to date remain unsolved.

“The pictures reflect a tragic loss of life, and we are offering a reward of $1,000 in each of these cases for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the abuser/s.

“For more information on the reward money being offered in each case (only in one of the cases, is the reward $6,000 – details on our website as to who specifically has topped up SPCA”s initial offer of $1,000), readers can go direct to SPCA’s website

extracted from

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Appealing for Witnesses in Siglap Fatal Accident

Earlier, a woman was killed on Mar 4 when a taxi crashed into her along East Coast Road near Siglap Centre.

The impact was so great her leg was severed and her body was found in a drain five minutes later after the accident.

Appealing for eyewitnesses to come forward to assist in the recent Siglap Road accident took up almost the entire walking space in the pedestrian path, and a STOMPer is worried this may cause yet another accident.


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Siglap Horror Crash

was reading today’s New paper… shock to read the headlines about the accident at Siglap…

1 killed, 1 hurt in Siglap Crash… within 5mins before her body is found in drain…

Mr Gandhi was waiting for a pedestrian to cross in front of his van when a loud “bang” resounded behind him…

A split second later, an uprooted metal railing flew through the air, grazed Mr Gandhi’s van and landed in front of the pedestrian…

The railing hit the pedestrian’s leg and he fell to the ground…

Simultaneously, a taxi crashed into the drain a few metres to Mr Gandhi’s right side…

Unknown to him, a severed leg had also landed behind his van… it belonged to a woman pedestrian who has been flung more than 15m or about a bus length through the air during the accident…

She landed in the drain a few metres away from the taxi and died on the spot…

the accident involves a taxi, a van and two predestrians which had taken place along East Coast Road towards Siglap Centre and Upper East Coast Road…

the victim was a Filipino in her 20s… witnesess claimed that the taxi was approaching a row of shops and eateries, near The Thames pub and Genesis bistro, when it mounted the kerb…

Mr Gandhi said that he quickly got out of his van to help the fallen pedestrian, who was in front of a 7 -Eleven outlet…

a few minutes later, he decided to check on the cabby as a small crowd has gathered to attend to the man…

but when he rounded the back of the van to get to the taxi, he spotted a severed leg.

Mr Gandhi said ” I was totally freaked out! I just left it and walked away, what a sight.” he said the left leg had been severed below the knee.

Mr Tan Eng Kok, a renovation contractor said, ” I realised that there had to be another victim because the injured man’s legs were intact.”

Mr Tan was sitting outside a shop in front of the accident scene reading the newspaper when he heard the crash… he said “I got up immediately and saw something flying past across the drain, but i thought it was a dustbin.”

“I never thought it could be a person. It was a Caucasian man at the bus stop who first noticed the body.” he explained that the woman’s body was bent at an awkward angle… she was wearing a yellow T-shirt, black pullover and black capri pants…

Shiva, a waiter said the woman had a marketing trolley with vegetables in it… parts of the smashed trolley could be seen along the road and kerb… he took a table cloth from the restaurant and handed it to the Caucasian man who climbed into the drain to cover the body…

Police and SCDF spokesmen said the woman was pronounced dead by paramedics at about 12.30pm… they said that the other predestrian, a chinese man in his mid 40s was sent to Changi General Hospital with bruises on his left leg and abrasions on his right arm…

It is understood that the taxi driver was unhurt… he was last seen in the back seat of a police car… the policeman spokesman said that the 39 yr old man is assisting with investigations…

*     *     *     *     *

Personally i felt tat the public transport company should implement more measures to prevent rackless drivers… i have experience a few times personally when i started to take public transport more often after the increase of cab fare hike…

Speeding is the main concern… follow by bad driving attitude as majority of the drivers felt that they won’t get into accident as they are very skillful indeed…

Safety is not in their mind before any accident happens… and it is too late to regret after any accidents happen…

if u happen to browse thru newspapers or stomp… u can find a handful of accidents cases…


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Heartless Cat Killer

Updates on the cat killer…

The high-heeled woman, a Hang Zhou resident who was seen stomping a kitten to death in a widely circulated email, has since apologised for her act.

The video, which was circulated via the internet, captured her in the horrendous act of trampling the hapless kitten to death.

The stills of the video were sent via email to a STOMP user, who sent in an email condemning her actions.

According to various reports on the Internet, the woman, Wang Jue, is a nurse who hails from Heilongjiang Province in Hang Zhou.

China Daily reports that “she was despondent over a failed marriage and allowed herself to be talked into crushing the animal to death while the cameras rolled.”

The kitten killing had taken place several years ago, and the video clip was put up online.

Subsequently, the clip was removed, but photographs of the incident were widely circulated via email.

UK’s Telegraph reports:

“…an internet surfer came across a 37-year-old woman from Hubei province with the internet identity “Gainmas”. She had registered a website in Hangzhou and – the ultimate evidence – had bought a pair of stilettoes on eBay last year.

“She was also registered with QQ, a popular Chinese message service, where she wrote of herself: “I furiously crush everything to do with you and me.”

“Before her QQ address went dead, its owner had several conversations. In one, she is coy, saying “So what?” when asked if the pictures are of her, and then, when asked again, replying: “In theory.”

“When confronted by a reporter, she became defensive, saying: “Suddenly hundreds of people are on my QQ and cursing me. What’s the problem if I crush cats? It’s a type of experience. You wouldn’t understand.” ”

Wang Yue has, however, in recent times, changed her tune to that of contriteness.

Says China Daily:

“The woman’s apology, and an earlier mea culpa from the video’s producer, a cameraman at a provincial TV station, were posted this week on the county government’s Website. The woman expressed remorse for her actions and their effects on others.

“Wang said she is divorced, depressed and having trouble figuring out what to do with her life. She said her despondence led to the cruelty against the kitten. She also said that her behavior had deeply hurt her family, especially her daughter.”

According to the same online paper, Wang and the video producer have been suspended from their jobs.

But what punishment exactly they would receive remains unclear, as China does not have clear regulations on animal cruelty.


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Back to Singapore

jus came back from bintan today evening… had lots of fun and enjoyed myself too…

alot of funny incidents happen which make our trip pretty fun…*super funny*

will update more if i remember all… need to catch some rest before going to work tml…

*     *     *     *     *

as per usual… checking out stomp for any interesting news article… saw tis headline which bug me…

Heartless woman kills kitten… someone sent in photos of a woman killing a kitten, which were apparently circulated on the Internet. He sent in along with the photos says that this woman, who is “without conscience”, killed small animals.

Dun understand why such ppl exists… wonder if their heart is black in colour?

put urself in the shoes of the little animals… they are so helpless… *haiz*


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